Organizer Resume

Hello! I'm Raiser.

For the last several years, I have been hosting and promoting competitive fighting game tournaments in Kentucky.

My first tournament, simply titled "Super Smash Bros. Tournament," drew about 20 people to a high school library in Eastern Kentucky. My latest event pulled in more than 200 competitors and spectators to a rural Eastern Kentucky town and my team still has our sights on much larger things.

I have a broadcasting background and served as a television producer for a professional wrestling program on cable TV in EKY. My time in the wrestling business influences my tournament organization and promotional work. People don't want to attend events, they want to be part of something, and that notion guides my decisions as a TO.

Smash Wiki:

Twitter: @Raiser606


Mobile: 606.438.0478

Queen City Showdown

Queen City Showdown is a monthly tournament series based out of Eastern Kentucky. This is the premiere tournament in rural Eastern Kentucky. Entrants have ranged from 16 people to as many as 77. QCS winners earn a championship belt that is passed from winner-to-winner.

Big Blue Showdown

Big Blue Showdown is a regional tournament hosted in Lexington Kentucky. Big Blue Showdown 2 was the last regional tournament played in Kentucky before the COVID-19 shutdown. After a significant number of disqualifications, 113 people attended BBS2. This series is poised to make a return in 2023.

Summer Smash

Summer Smash events are the largest events to happen in Hazard, Kentucky. The last Summer Smash saw more than 100 entrants and players like LeoN and Goblin.

QCS: One Night Stand

QCS: One Night Stand is the single largest event to take place in Eastern Kentucky. There were 190 entrants over 5 games. The Smash side of the tournament was likely the most stacked event in Kentucky's history, bringing in players like ApolloKage, Tilde, LeoN, Elegant, Teaser, and more.

Bourbon State Gaming

I'm on staff for Bourbon State Gaming. Based out of Louisville, we run the largest events in Kentucky. Most of my work with Bourbon revolves around production and promotion.